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Girl’s arm amputated after shark attack at resort in Egypt

A shark attacked a girl in the Egyptian resort of Dahab, 100 kilometers north of Sharm el-Sheikh. As a result of the incident, the victim received a serious injury to her arm, which doctors had to amputate.

According to an eyewitness, the shark bit the girl on the hand, after which the victim was hospitalized in an unconscious state. The man shared that he first noticed how the hotel staff carried the woman out in their arms; no wounds were visible.

“Later they told me that a shark attacked the girl and bit her on the shoulder. And then all the boats from the lagoon with a harpoon chased the shark for about two hours. I doubt that she was caught, most likely they just drove her away,” said the eyewitness.

Other eyewitnesses said that a girl and a guy were swimming in the buoy area on the hotel beach. We saw a fish in the distance, decided it was tuna, and stayed where we were. But it was a four-meter shark that attacked the tourist. She was urgently taken out of the water and handed over to doctors. According to eyewitnesses, bloody pieces of flesh were hanging in the place where the hand should have been.

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