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A tourist was rescued after a 4-hour horror in the Pattaya sewers

A foreign tourist who spent more than four hours trapped in a sewage system was rescued in Pattaya, a resort city in eastern Thailand. The Thaiger reported on the nightmare of his stay in the murky, pungent-smelling pipeline system.

Jonathan, a 36-year-old American traveler, arrived in Thailand with his girlfriend from Cambodia on Friday, May 12. The couple stayed at a condominium on Tappraya Road, about 2 km from where the incident later took place.

After a few days at the resort, the tourist returned to the apartment in the afternoon and suddenly fell into the sewer, not noticing the lack of a hatch. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get out on his own. The man shouted, but no one heard him. Then he decided to wade through the dirt in the dark in search of a way out. After four long hours, he was discovered by a passerby.

The rescuer turned out to be a 26-year-old Thai man who was riding a motorcycle in Pattaya and, thanks to a lucky chance, stopped to buy a bottle of water at a 24-hour store. He heard a scream and followed the sound. Finally found a tourist. A resident later told the police that he was shocked by what he saw and immediately called for help.

The rescue team that arrived at the scene freed the traveler by removing the iron grates of the sewer and pulling him out of the three-meter hole. Contaminated by caustic impurities and exhausted by thirst, the Americans first asked for water. There were no injuries, so the police escorted the person who tried back to the apartment to take a shower and rest.

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