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A tourist is demanding a refund from British Airways after a passenger died on the plane next to her

A British Airways passenger accidentally witnessed the death of a person during the flight. The woman claims that she and her family suffered severe psychological trauma as a result of the incident, and is now demanding money from the carrier. The Daily Star was told the details of what happened.

A comment from a disgruntled passenger was published on British Airways’ social media page. She complained that during the flight she witnessed the provision of emergency aid and then the death of a person. The woman claims that not only she but also her children have suffered a serious shock, for which she expects to receive compensation.

The passenger’s claims to the company did not end there. She was also not satisfied with the fact that she did not receive paid lunch and drinks during the flight. The woman added to her comment that the children’s routine was disrupted due to the flight delay. The traveler added that the whole family, who witnessed what happened, suffered from insomnia and was struggling with the consequences of the incident.

Continuing her comment, the woman reported that she was expecting personal treatment from the airline with an apology and an offer to compensate for the damage. The dissatisfied customer concluded by asking British Airways about its willingness to compensate for the lost flight. The airline’s representatives responded by saying that the safety of passengers is their top priority, and at that moment the crew was focused on providing help to a person who needed it.

Among users of social networks, the disgruntled woman did not receive support. She was condemned for thinking only of herself in this situation, forgetting that there are other people around. Commentators emphasized that instead of sympathizing with the person, the woman was only worried about the fact that she did not receive the promised lunch. Later, the message was deleted from the British Airways page, but by then it had already managed to spread on the Internet.

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