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A Russian tourist spent all his money in Thailand and spent two weeks homeless at the airport

The Russian returned home from Thailand after spending 2 weeks at Phuket airport. Earlier, the passenger missed his flight, The Phuket Express reported.

According to the Phuket Tourist Help Center, the 38-year-old Russian was returning home after a vacation. The luggage flew to its destination, and the unfortunate tourist had only his passport and smartphone with him. As it turned out, he did not have the money to purchase a new plane ticket.

His mother, whom he contacted, did not immediately find the required amount. As a result, the man, unable to rent a hotel, decided to wait for the solution to his financial problems and buy a plane ticket at the airport terminal.

The airport staff and local police provided the tourists with maximum possible assistance. For 14 days, they helped with meals and picked out a change of clothes. Living in uncomfortable conditions led to illness: the tourist developed an eye infection. We had to take him to the nearest hospital, and after the necessary treatment, we had to pay the bill.

The most amazing thing is that a year ago this same person was already in a similar situation: he was late for his flight and found himself without money. True, he spent less time in the terminal then.

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