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A museum for nudists has opened in Barcelona

Last weekend, October 29, a museum in Barcelona opened its doors to nudist visitors, organizing a special tour during which guests could strip naked and view the exhibition in what their mother gave birth in – naked, leaving only their shoes on their feet, reports Reuters.

On October 29, the Archaeological Museum of Catalonia, together with the Catalan Naturism Club, organized a 90-minute tour to see photographs by artist Luigi Spina of two life-size Greek bronze statues of naked warriors, believed to have been created in the 5th century BC.

У Барселоні відкрився музей для нудистів

“We wanted this to be a more colorful visit than a regular tour,” said guide Edgar, who also led the naked tour. “We wanted visitors to feel exactly like the people in the works of art they were looking at.”

У Барселоні відкрився музей для нудистів

Information published on the museum’s website promised guests the opportunity to admire photographs in the same situation – completely naked and surrounded by other naked bodies.

One of the visitors, Marta, who works in the healthcare sector, said that the excursion in this format helped her realize that nudity has always existed and should not be a source of shame.

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