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NASA announced on the ISS emergency mode through the Russian module “Science”

Space Catastrophe – The International Space Station is flying uncontrollably after the connection of the Russian module “Science”.

The space crash was announced by NASA early this morning (Kyiv time). NASA The reason was the connection of the Russian multifunctional laboratory module “Science”.

About three hours after the operation to connect the spacecraft to the International Space Station, the engines were turned on, displacing the entire ISS from orbit, and for about an hour it flew uncontrollably.

The ground control lasted 11 minutes without contact with 7 astronauts at the orbital station. NASA described the incident as a “space emergency.”

The control center in Houston said that the station has not been damaged and the astronauts are safe. A joint investigation is underway between NASA and Roscosmos.

Representatives of the ground administration described the situation as “rush hour” and “dynamic events”. The station’s orbit has already been restored.

The incident postponed the second test launch of the Boeing Starliner capsule, which was planned today.

Adjusting the ISS’s orbit is important because weak gravity draws it to Earth, and entering the Earth’s atmosphere would mean complete destruction.

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