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The opening date and brand of the world’s first zero-gravity space hotel with a view of the Earth have been announced

Fantastic prospects for recreation in space can await tourists as early as 2027 – this is the date of the opening of the world’s first space hotel with weightlessness and a view of the Earth marked in the American press. Hilton will make the hotel brand known as the space hotel, said Orbital Assembly, which hopes to open its luxury space hotel hovering above the planet. At the same time, tourists were promised not only luxurious rooms with a view of the Earth and space, but also an “experience of weightlessness.”

Orbital Assembly has released various plans for a space station hotel over the years. And here is another plan – the developers bought a new engineering company to promote the project. It is about ZIN Technologies, which has experience working with microgravity research equipment that has been used on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

Orbital Assembly also dedicated the following project details:

Extraterrestrial housing will hover above the Earth’s atmosphere, so tourists are promised “unbelievable views of our blue planet.” The hotel will be part of a “hybrid space station” that will be designed for leisure, commerce and research.

Presumably, tourists will find themselves on a space station of the Rioneer type, which can accommodate 28 people at the same time. They are promised that “there will be a combination of different gravity settings, so that you will stand firmly on your feet in some places, and float in weightlessness in others.”

The “Luxury Space Hotel” will operate under the “all inclusive” system and offer tourists an incredible view of space. At the same time, the territory of the rooms provides earthly gravity and comfort unavailable on other space platforms.

However, the station will also be used as a research center where scientific discoveries will be made and tested. Interest in the new station is also expected from business and production, in particular from communication service providers and “space transport companies”.

Tourists will also be welcomed by the Voyager space station, which is “designed for comfort, safety and reliability.” It will have a central hub for transporting ships to Earth and back. At the docking station, tourists will experience weightlessness, and then “luxury elevators” will take them to the station’s residential and entertainment modules.

“Traveling through space at 17,000 miles per hour, you will be surrounded by the pure glamor of the Hilton. You will be able to live, work, play and eat in the modules for a maximum stay,” tourists were told. They were also assured that 44 emergency return machines and automated flight control for “autonomous landing” are provided for safety. How fantastic the price will be and how much travel and accommodation will cost for one tourist has not yet been specified.

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