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The Kremlin is blocking Navalny’s website. The case is being investigated by a Russian court

A Moscow court today will consider Alexei Navalny’s complaint about the blockade of his websites. The detained opposition activist accused the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Telecommunications Oversight Agency of violating civil rights. In July, a Moscow court ruled that organizations linked to Alexei Navalny were extremist. On this basis, the supervisory authorities blocked access to the pages of politicians.

A month ago, Alexei Navalny filed a complaint against the actions of the Prosecutor General’s Office and Roskomnadzor. The politician demanded to unblock the websites managed by him and his associates.

During a preliminary hearing, lawyers for the opposition activist found that the Russian authorities had blocked more than 170 websites, including accounts on popular social networks.

The prosecution claims that these sites are used for the propaganda activities of organizations recognized as extremist. According to Russian human rights activists, blocking websites is one of the elements of repression against the opponents of the Kremlin.

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