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Russians will have to make an appointment to cross the border

The authorities of the Russian Federation have decided to control the flow of Russians fleeing mobilization across the border. Russians traveling by car may need to reserve a date and time for crossing Russia’s borders by motor vehicle. It is about the prepared amendments to the law “On highways and road activity in the Russian Federation”, which were presented by the head of the State Duma committee on transport and infrastructure development Yevhen Moskvychiv. This news caused a great resonance among motoring tourists.

“The passage of vehicles belonging to Russian carriers, foreign carriers, citizens of Russia, foreign citizens, stateless persons, and other sections of highways to cross the state border of the Russian Federation is carried out on the reserved date and time by the procedure established by the government of the Russian Federation,” – quotes the draft of this law “Vedomosti”. It is reported that this procedure will include the list of documents required for the reservation, the method for controlling the border crossing at the specified time, and the categories of vehicles that can pass checkpoints out of turn.

At the same time, the draft law states that by December 31, 2023, the government of the Russian Federation will be able to foresee specifics in the implementation of the scheme for crossing the border by motor vehicles with reservation of date and time. And the decisions themselves can begin to be applied from March 1, 2024.

PS: Deputy Yevhen Moskvichev later clarified that the system of electronic vehicle registration could be launched not on the entire border, but only at problematic checkpoints, including Verkhniy Lars (border with Georgia), Yarag-Kazmalyar (border with Azerbaijan), Zabaikalsk (border with China). There are about 5-7 such problem points. That is, those through which Russians are fleeing mobilization en masse.

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