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Another explosion and fire at the gas processing plant of Gazprom. This time in Siberia (VIDEO)

One of the installations exploded and exploded at the Amur gas processing plant in Siberia. There are no casualties, firefighting is underway on the spot.

The explosion occurred on Friday early morning Warsaw time. The cause of the incident was the depressurization of the plant on the second production line of the plant, which is responsible for the separation of gases. As a result of the leak, it accumulated and then ignited. As a result of the fire, the work of all departments was suspended.

The second technological line of the Amur Gas Processing Plant was launched on September 6 this year. Investigators are currently investigating the possible causes of the fire. The Amur Plant processes natural gas. The plant is designed to process 42 billion cubic meters of gas per year. It will be carried out on six technological lines with a capacity of 7 billion cubic meters each. gas.

The plant, located near the city of Svobodny, will become the second largest enterprise of this type in the world. The largest is in Alaska.

This plant is used for gas treatment, to separate the most valuable parts, such as helium or hydrogen, for the purpose of selling them as separate products. The cleaned gas is sent to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline. This is the second incident at Gazprom’s gas processing plants in the past two months. On August 6, a fire and explosion occurred at a similar facility in Jamal. As a result of this event, drivers, including those at Polish filling stations, are experiencing an increase in LPG prices.

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