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Pandora Papers: big offshore business continues, no sanctions

В основі проблеми лежить політика.

Even when all the world’s media published the Panama Papers 5 years ago, we knew it would not be the last revelation. And so it happened. A little later came the Bahamas revelations, then the so-called “Paradise Documents”, followed by “FinCEN Files”. And now Pandora Papers is perhaps the most bq leaked information from tax havens.

These documents reveal the mechanisms by which hundreds of politicians, including 35 national leaders, hid their money in front companies, trusts and foundations.

And here we come to the heart of the matter: politics. It has long been known that there are Danish oases. That tax fraudsters, fraudsters, embezzlers and other criminals use the services of companies by mailboxes. And to this day, it seems, there is no particular desire for this to change, writes DW.

Yes, there have been investigations, several politicians have resigned, and some have even been imprisoned. Stricter laws were passed here and there. More and more countries are keeping a public register of company assets, and the G20 countries have agreed on a global minimum tax. That’s just this tax is a ridiculous 15% and actually applies only to large corporations. A real big step has not been made yet. And big offshore business continues.

One can only dream of a real, fast and practical exchange of information between investigators from different countries. Not to mention sanctions against tax havens. How can this be done through sanctions?

After all, one of the largest tax havens in the world is the United States. The states of Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming have been the subject of criticism for many years. Without effect.

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