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Media: a mass brawl between Russian and Ukrainian football players took place in a Turkish hotel

In the Turkish hotel Royal Seginus 5 * in Antalya on the evening of February 13, there was a mass brawl between Ukrainian and Russian football players. According to the telegram channel Baza, the players of the Ukrainian club “Minay” approached the head of the Yaroslavl “Shinnik” and offered him to sing the Ukrainian anthem. In response, the Russian allegedly said that it was worth going out into the street and continuing the conversation there, sorting it out time after time. The hotel staff managed to extinguish the first conflict.

Then several Ukrainian athletes ended up in the elevator with the Yaroslavl football player and beat the guy, but when the elevator arrived on the floor, the Shinnik players were standing there. As a result, a massive fight ensued. The police had to be called to separate the fighters. According to the Telegram channel, the hotel is now heavily guarded, and there are occasional skirmishes between the athletes.

According to some telegram channels, one of the Russian football players is suspected of having a broken rib.

Less than a week ago, on February 9, DIP wrote about a fight that also broke out in a Turkish hotel between a Ukrainian and a Russian. Then the player of the national team of Ukraine Daniil Sikan hit a tipsy tourist for the phrase “Glory to Russia.” As a result, he ended up in the hospital with a head injury.

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