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Empty hotels and boarding houses: Russians do not want to go to Crimea

The Russians do not want to go to the annexed Crimea. According to the Kommersant newspaper, only 30-40 percent of hotels and boarding houses can count on guests during the summer season. The newspaper reported that Russian citizens were frightened off by the ongoing war near the peninsula.

By annexing Ukrainian Crimea in 2014, Russia hoped to create a tourist paradise. However, for eight years, military equipment was mainly imported to the peninsula and the Tatar minority, whose representatives did not come to terms with the Russian occupation, were persecuted.

After the Russian army entered Ukraine, most countries closed their airspace to Russian aircraft and blocked the possibility of paying with Russian bank cards. Kremlin propagandists assured that the Russians would be able to go on vacation to the annexed Crimea. Meanwhile, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the airport in Simferopol, closed due to hostilities, are scaring away Russian tourists.

You can get to the peninsula across the bridge by train and car, but, as independent commentators note, due to Russian aggression in Ukraine, the crossing is threatened with destruction.

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