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All trains to and from Crimea have been cancelled

All trains in connection with Crimea have been canceled due to the explosion on the Crimean bridge. The sale of tickets for trains going to Crimea and back has been suspended after the extraordinary event with the blowing up of the bridge, TARS quoted the Russian Railways as saying. Recovery trains were sent to the place of the explosion from Kerch Taman-Pasajyrska stations. An operational headquarters of the Russian Railways was created under the chairmanship of the company’s general director Oleg Bilozerov.

“All trains in connection with Crimea, which were planned to be sent shortly, will temporarily not depart,” the carrier said in a statement. Russian Railways promised that tickets for delayed or canceled trains will be returned to tourists without additional fees shortly.

We will remind you that according to the official information announced by the National Anti-Terrorist Committee of the Russian Federation, at 6:07 a.m. on Saturday, a truck with explosives was detonated on the road part of the Crimean Bridge from the side of the Taman Peninsula. The explosion caused the detonation of fuel tanks in the railway depot, which at that moment was advancing across the bridge. Two car spans of the crossing from Taman to Crimea have partially collapsed. Traffic on the bridge is temporarily stopped.

In addition, the head of the occupying power of the Crimean Crimea, Aksyonov, asked hotels to extend the stay of tourists, this is what he wrote on his channel:

“I ask the hoteliers and managers of sanatoriums to extend the stay within the next day for the guests whose time of stay in the accommodation facility has expired. All costs will be compensated at the expense of the Republic of Crimea. The order of compensation will be announced on Monday. This position has been agreed, including with the Government of the city of Sevastopol and directly with the governor of Sevastopol Mykhailo Volodymyrovych Rozvozhaev.”

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