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The epidemic reached its peak: panic began in Thailand due to a sharply increased number of deaths

Official representatives of the Thai government have issued a warning for tourists – the country has recorded an outbreak of dengue fever, which is growing rapidly. According to official sources, the main reason for issuing the warning was the number of deaths, which has increased dramatically, due to this epidemic.

“Over the past five months, almost 20,000 cases of the disease and 15 deaths have been registered, the epidemic has reached its highest level in three years. Thai citizens and foreign tourists are strongly advised to take precautionary measures to protect themselves and their children during the rainy season from June to August when infection rates are expected to increase,” the authorities said in a panic.

A list of the most affected provinces is also given – among them are tourist provinces. These are Bangkok, Trat, Nan, Chanthaburi, Rayong, and Mae Hong Son.

Tourists, in particular, are urged by the public to protect themselves and their children from mosquito bites by using mosquito nets and repellents and to check themselves for symptoms. These include a high temperature lasting two to seven days, body aches, muscle pain, eye pain, and redness of the body and eyes. If you suspect a disease, you should immediately consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

It is also recommended to pay attention to potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes – a real campaign to destroy them has been launched in Thailand. This is any stagnant water, from non-working fountains and ponds to saucers for flower pots.

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