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Study: A year later, those who have relapsed COVID may develop heart problems

People who have had COVID-19, even in mild form, may experience serious heart problems in a year. As reported by Bloomberg on Thursday, this assumption was made by a group of experts from the Epidemiological Center of the Administration for Veterans of the Health System of St. Louis (Missouri), who conducted the relevant research.

Their report, which Bloomberg reported could be published in the scientific journal Nature, states that people, even those who have easily overcome COVID-19, are 39% more likely to develop serious heart disease than those who not infected with coronavirus. And this risk is higher the more severe the disease.

“The implications of COVID-19 are significant,” the agency quoted Ziad Al-Ali, the study’s lead author, as saying. “Governments and [national] health systems need to be aware of the reality that COVID-19 will cast a long shadow over ‘long-term COVID’ and have devastating consequences. I am concerned that we are not taking this seriously enough.”

He noted that the authorities must already create the resource base for the possible consequences, so that if they occur, they will not become an unbearable burden on national health systems.

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