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Scientists have told why it is better to sleep in socks

A night’s sleep in socks will help warm your feet, regulate body temperature, and thus fall asleep faster. In addition, there are other potential benefits of falling asleep in socks. The scientists stated this in more detail in their new study.

According to experts, there is a deeper, physiological reason for wearing socks in bed – a process called distal vasodilation. Here’s how it works.

The body naturally works to lower body temperature at night to help you fall asleep. This is part of a circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock that controls the sleep-wake cycle. But if the feet are too cold, the body temperature can actually rise by one or two degrees. This is because the body sends a large flow of blood, and with it comes heat.

So what can a pair of fluffy socks do?

They warm the legs, relaxing and dilating the blood vessels that constricted during the cold. This improved blood circulation in the body as a whole helps to release more heat through the skin. “By warming your feet, you open your blood vessels to help cool the rest of your body. Thus, increased blood circulation to your feet leads to lower body temperature. It seems illogical, but that’s exactly what’s happening, “said Michelle Drerup, a doctor and sleep expert.

Other potential temperature-related benefits include:

Reduction of symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. Cold feet are accompanied by Raynaud’s syndrome, a disorder that affects the blood vessels in the toes. This phenomenon causes the blood to constrict and reduce blood circulation, which can cause the skin to become cold and pale.

“Wearing socks at night can help prevent this by keeping your feet warm and circulating,” she said.

Limiting hot flashes during menopause. The feeling of constant cold or heat will not allow you to sleep at night during menopausal outbreaks. Socks lower body temperature at night, minimizing these outbreaks. “Wearing socks seems to level the playing field and help prevent these sudden heat surges,” the expert explained.

The best sex. It seems that socks can warm not only the feet. A 2005 study found that a small sample of couples in love are more likely to reach orgasm during sex if they wear socks.

Benefits of skin care from sleeping in socks. Wearing socks in bed is not just a matter of heat or cold. It also allows you to pamper your feet while sleeping. Applying lotion on your feet before putting on a pair of socks before bed helps moisturizer work wonders while retaining moisture. Thus, the skin becomes velvety in the morning.

What type of socks is best?

The fit and material are the key to choosing the perfect pair of socks for the night. “Look for something comfortable and free,” the expert advised. Sleeping socks made of natural fibers, such as cotton, cashmere or merino wool, are best suited for their warmth and breathability. It is better not to use synthetic materials such as polyester.

At the same time, you should try not to sleep in compression socks, unless it is recommended by medical indications, Drerup recommended.

“However, no matter what you wear, be sure to wear a fresh pair of socks every night to avoid the growth of bacteria. And keep your feet clean, too, ”she added.

Is it harmful to sleep barefoot?

No. But if sleeping with bare feet causes a feeling of discomfort – cold, for example, you should try to put them on. There is no risk in this, as they can be removed at any time.

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