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Moisturizers restore the voice after infection with Omicron

Patients who have experienced complete or partial loss of voice when infected with the coronavirus strain Omicron should humidify the air at home to restore vocal cords as soon as possible. This was announced by otorhinolaryngologist Aza Mahmudova.

“The virus gradually descends to the vocal cords and causes pharyngitis – a condition in which the back wall of the pharynx is affected and the vocal cords lose their elasticity and become vulnerable. These changes lead to partial loss of voice – dysphonia or complete loss – aphonia. An important condition for the regeneration of mucous membranes is sufficient humidity in the room: for the normal functioning of mucous membranes requires a humidity of 35-40, so we recommend using humidifiers, “she said.

To restore communication, it is also very important to maintain a calm voice, says Sergei Gorbunov, otorhinolaryngologist at Ilyina Hospital.

“This is achieved by avoiding raising the voice, minimizing the voice load, ideally to silence. Attempts to whisper should also be avoided. If the patient smokes, we recommend quitting smoking, avoid anything that can irritate the mucous membranes: alcohol, spicy and sour foods, “- explains the doctor.

To alleviate the symptoms, you can inhale alkaline mineral water or swallow lollipops with antiseptic components. It is also recommended to drink very warm alkaline water.

“After each viral laryngitis, the voice recovers gradually with the disappearance of inflammation and reduced edema. Omicron is no exception.

Hoarseness usually disappears within 2 weeks. If the symptom lasts longer, you need to see an otolaryngologist, “said the specialist.

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