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Greece with a call to tourists: beware of monkeypox and covid

Greek health authorities recommend that tourists exercise extreme caution in connection with the increase in the number of monkeys infected with smallpox and Covid-19.

To date, 32 cases of monkeypox have been registered in Greece, according to the Ministry of Health. All of them are men, some of them have been abroad, others have not. So far, there is no danger to the lives of patients, – BNR quotes Greek doctors.

Cases of human infection with the new omicron virus remain at a very high level. More than 122,000 cases were reported in a week and 355 deaths in the same period.

Authorities recommend that tourists keep their distance and avoid large crowds such as concerts, restaurants, and beaches. “This wave is the most contagious to date,” Professor Tzanakis said.

In areas where cases of West Nile fever have been recorded, of which there are 25 in Greece to date, the authorities conduct periodic spraying against mosquitoes. Tourists are advised to use personal protective equipment.

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