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Tanker explosion in Lebanon: at least 20 people were killed

Інцидент стався в районі Аккарі на півночі Лівану

A tanker blast in northern Lebanon has killed at least 20 people and injured seven. This was reported on Twitter by the Lebanese Red Cross Society.

The incident occurred in the area of ​​Akkari in northern Lebanon, 22 groups of the Lebanese Red Cross are making efforts to deliver the dead and wounded to nearby hospitals, the report said.

Local media reported that the explosion erupted near the shores of the village of At-Talil in the Akkari area. Along with the Red Cross, representatives of the Lebanese army, security forces and civil defense were involved in the rescue operation. Locals also provide assistance in transporting the wounded and dead.

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has blamed the country’s leadership for the fuel tank explosion in the Akkari area in the north of the republic, advising President Michel Aoun to resign.

“The event in Akkara is no different from last year’s explosion at the seaport of Beirut,” he wrote on his Twitter page on Sunday. – In a country where there is respect for the person, all those responsible for negligence – from the president to the last official – would resign. The bowl of patience overflowed. The life and security of the Lebanese is a top priority.”

Fuel crisis in Lebanon

Lebanon is experiencing the biggest economic crisis in 30 years, with the state subsidizing about 12 million liters of daily fuel through the Central Bank.

However, the country’s Central Bank recently issued a written statement stating that from August 12, foreign currency loans for fuel will be calculated at the free exchange rate (black market) and not at the market rate. Thus, the fuel subsidy was abolished.

The message also stated that the price of fuel that will be put up for sale will be determined by the Ministry of Energy.

Despite the abolition of the subsidy, the Ministry of Energy maintained the old tariffs, after which almost all gas stations in the country turned off the pumps.

The Lebanese army raided gas stations the day before and confiscated tens of thousands of liters of gasoline and diesel fuel.

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