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Latvia declares a state of emergency. The reason is a difficult epidemic situation

In Latvia, due to the very difficult situation with the pandemic, the state of emergency will be valid for three months. The government wants to speed up vaccinations. They will be accompanied by much stricter epidemic restrictions than before.

Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins told reporters last week that the grave pandemic situation in the country is associated with a large number of unvaccinated people. “The influx of a large number of patients with COVID-19 prevents the provision of many medical services to all residents,” said the head of the Latvian government.

Less than half of the population in Latvia is still fully vaccinated. The significant restrictions, which are in effect from today, mainly apply to people who have not yet received the vaccine.

For three months, other stores, except for essential goods, will not be able to work in large shopping centers. Most retail and service outlets will only be accessible to people with covid certifications. Public sector workers can only perform their duties after vaccination.

The obligation to wear masks in all rooms was also introduced. This also applies to all schools.

About 1400 new cases of infection were detected in Latvia yesterday.

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