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Venice was not included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Venice has not been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Danger. The Italian authorities managed to avoid this by banning the passage of large ships through the historic center of the city, in particular along the Giudecca Canal and past St. Mark’s Square.

Over the years, the organization has pushed for this measure to keep the local ecosystem from being destroyed.

From August 1, cruise ships will be redirecting to an industrial port located within the lagoon.

Massimo Riccardo, Italian Ambassador to UNESCO: “Everyone who has visited Venice could see that the preservation of the city, its monuments, historical landscape, and at the same time, taking care of the life of the local community is our priority.”

But the organizations for the protection of the city were not satisfied with this decision. They argue that a whole range of measures is needed – not temporary, but long-term – to manage natural resources and tourist flow.

Stefan Doempke, World Heritage Watch: “The measure taken by the Italian government has resolved only one of the many problems that pose a serious threat to the fragile ecosystem. environment and climate “.

In 2019, approximately 25 million tourists visited Venice. At the same time, about a thousand Venetians leave the city with a population of just over 50 thousand people annually.

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