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Do not gather for more than 25: a European city has introduced new bans on tourists

“Don’t gather for more than 25!” – under this motto, a new stage in the fight against tourists began in the popular city. Venice authorities have announced new ways to “ease the impact of mass tourism on the Italian city.”

To achieve this, it is planned to ban tourist groups of more than 25 people, as well as loudspeakers.

Elisabetta Pesce, the official in charge of the city’s security, said the latest policy measures “are aimed at improving the management of organized groups in the historic center.”

While the city center area is vast, the millions of tourists it receives—their number reached 13 million in 2019—take a toll on ordinary residents. In addition, the authorities are confident that “the use of loudspeakers may create confusion and disorder.”

The new ban is due to come into force in June. In addition, Venice approved the introduction of a fee for day tourists of 5 euros per person.

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