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Italy fines workers up to 1,500 euros for not having COVID certificates

Italy imposes new financial sanctions, which are primarily aimed at unvaccinated workers. From September 15, all persons working in public, private companies and institutions will be required to have a COVID certificate. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to work, and if they do, they will be fined up to 1,500 euros. The decision of the government of Mario Draghi came into force.

In order to be able to work, Italian workers will have to prove that they are either vaccinated, have a negative PCR test, or that they have antibodies and have recovered from the infection. All those who do not comply with this requirement will be suspended from paying their salaries in 5 days. His / her job will be saved, but he / she will be sent on forced leave without pay. Those who refuse to comply, who still decide to go to work, face a fine of 600 to 1,500 euros. For their employers, the fine ranges from 400 to 1,000 euros.

Today, about 74% of Italy’s 60 million people have at least one dose of the vaccine. 68% are fully vaccinated.

So far, no EU country has introduced a mandatory COVID certificate. In part, it is required by some institutions to facilitate travel to other countries and is increasingly becoming the only way to access places with large crowds, such as restaurants, gyms, museums, cinemas, theaters and restaurants.

Italy is the first country to take such harsh and harsh measures against the unvaccinated at the national level, but in recent months more and more companies around the world have pursued such policies. In early September, Qantas, the largest airline, announced that it would not allow unvaccinated passengers on its planes. Delta AirLines has also stated that its employees will have to pay an additional $ 200 a month to sponsor their health insurance if they choose not to join the program against COVlD-19.

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