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In Turkey, 47 hotels were robbed for 15 million.

The original method of fraud was invented in the Turkish resort of Izmir: resourceful fraudsters robbed 47 hotels for as much as 15 million Turkish liras or more than 20 million in the hryvnia.

At least, according to the press service of the Izmirsky Anti-Fraud Department, 47 hotel employees complained about the same type of fraud. At the same time, it is not specified how many hotels were affected, but it follows from the context of the message that the fraudsters “surrounded” exactly 47 hotels.

The scheme was as follows: fraudsters called the hotel reception, and introduced themselves as the owner of the hotel, who stated that he was planning a repair or renovation – and urgently needed money for it. In this way, 47 trusting employees were cheated of corporate funds in the amount of 15 million Turkish liras (over 20 million UAH).

As reported in the press service of the department, the names and addresses of the suspects have already been established. 11 suspects were arrested. During the investigation, 22,000 Turkish liras in cash, a telephone, SIM cards, 1 unlicensed pistol, and 1 unlicensed hunting rifle were seized.

One of the versions of the investigation is that the actions of a gang of fraudsters became part of organized crime, which is moving en masse to the resort coast. It will be recalled that even the head of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ali Erlikaya, voiced an “alarm signal” regarding the activation of the mafia in Turkish resorts. He instructed local police chiefs to “clear the coastal areas of mafia structures within a year”, and to pay special attention to the “catch” of leaders and organizers.

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