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15 euros per day is enough: the most budget-friendly countries in Europe for recreation this summer are named

Turkey has been named the most budget-friendly country for vacations in the summer of 2023, according to the results of a new study by the Penfold expert group.

According to Express, the average daily spending of vacationers in Turkey is only about 15 euros.

Experts say that Turkey is a great option for tourists looking for a relaxing beach holiday in the sun. At the same time, the country has a huge number of interesting historical monuments.

At the same time, it is emphasized that when compiling the rating, the cost of the road to Turkey was not taken into account, and therefore the final price for a vacation in this country, taking into account the flight for Europeans, may be higher than, for example, for Poland, which took 2nd place – all because of the distance.

The cheapest destinations in Europe in the summer of 2023

  1. Turkey (average daily budget – 15 euros).
  2. Poland (21 euros).
  3. Bulgaria (26.5 euros).
  4. Hungary (32 euros).
  5. Romania (37 euros).
  6. Croatia (39 euros).
  7. Cyprus (46 euros).
  8. Portugal (€57.5).
  9. Greece (62 euros).
  10. Spain (68 euros).

“The best way to save money on vacation is through careful research, planning, and flexibility. Be aware of exchange rates, consider traveling in off-peak seasons and compare airfares, accommodation, and entertainment, and take advantage of discounts and various promotional offers,” advised the CEO. . and Penfold co-founder Pete Hykin.

As reported by DIP, the Turkish city of Bodrum was among the top 3 cheapest resorts. Mediterranean in the summer of 2023. Experts estimate that a meal here costs an average of 5 euros, and the cost of an overnight stay is about 80 euros in the peak season. In addition, Bodrum has wonderful beaches and many attractions.

Meanwhile, the country’s third-largest city, Izmir, topped the ranking of the most budget-friendly European cities for a city break in 2023. This Mediterranean port on the west coast of Anatolia boasts a promenade, markets and ancient ruins. At the same time, Izmir itself does not have the necessary beaches specifically for swimming, but from there you can easily reach the popular resorts of Alacati and Cesme.

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