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Turkey was hit: the sea flooded cities and resorts

Istanbul and some resorts in Turkey were at the center of the disaster. Due to the stormy wind and downpour, many houses were flooded, due to the storm and waves several meters high, flooding was recorded in several resorts, in Izmir the police and rescuers had to evacuate tourists from the rough sea, in Antalya a tree uprooted and sank yachts, in Dalaman, tourists got a fright while watching the tornado. In general, the Turkish authorities have declared the “orange” level of threat in 44 provinces, and the “yellow” level has been declared in another 20 regions of the country.

According to the Turkish Hurriyet, referring to AFAD (Turkish Ministry of Emergency Situations) data, the hurricane “paralyzed life” at once in several large cities popular with tourists, and the Mediterranean Sea overflowed its banks. In Istanbul, roofs were blown off, and the wind in some places, including the popular Taksim Square, was such that it was difficult to move. In addition, stormy sea waves several meters high flooded parts of the low-lying areas.

The resort of Izmir was even more severely affected, the storm force “walked” through the Alsanjak and Kordon districts. Here and there, the police had to help tourists “who found themselves in a difficult situation during the spill of seawater.” Eyewitnesses film streets, flooded electric scooters, cars standing half in water.

Tourists in Dalaman also got scared – they watched a powerful tornado there. An “ordinary” hurricane also “managed” in Antalya – there, a powerful wind felled many trees, damaged cars and buildings, and damaged ships standing in the harbor of Antalya, it is reported that yachts were flooded in the area of ​​the center of Antalya.

The only resort that can “rejoice” in such weather is Uludag ski resort. It was also hit by snowstorms and blizzards, but the owners of the resort are rather satisfied – the height of the snow cover reached 7 cm, which allows us to hope that the ski resort will take place.

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