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Named Turkish resorts where locals rest

Residents of Turkey do not focus on value for money, they do not consider only “All Inclusive” and try to relax in unpopular areas.


A very quiet and unpopular resort in Turkey, which is famous for its small bay with azure water. The coast here is really clean, as is the water. Because of the bay, dirt and debris do not accumulate on the shore, so relaxing on the beach is quite comfortable.

The only disadvantage of Oludeniz is the lack of tourist infrastructure. There are not many hotels here, and there are practically no English-speaking staff. Therefore, be prepared to plunge into the atmosphere of a Turkish holiday, but you will have to communicate literally “on the fingers”.


Locals come to this historic city on the Aegean coast not only for a beach holiday, but also for a cultural program. The fact is that festivals and concerts are most often held in Izmir. You can also go to the ballet or the opera here. In addition to the cultural program, it is worth seeing the ancient city and its buildings.

If you are planning a beach holiday, then it is better not to go to Izmir. It has a beautiful port and promenade, but the best beaches are outside the city.


The city suits two types of tourists. For those who love parties, bars and nightclubs – there are really a lot of them in Bodrum. And those who came to Turkey in order to look at the ancient sights. Archaeological sites are within an hour’s drive from the hotels. You cannot participate in them, but you can admire the results of the expeditions.

Fans of outdoor activities can often be found in Gumbet Bay. It has long been a favorite place for surfers, as the waves are suitable here.

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