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Saakashvili arrives in Georgia after eight years of departure

Former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili returned to the country. Saakashvili himself announced this in social networks.

“Good morning Georgia, already from Georgia after eight years,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Saakashvili also posted a video on his Facebook page, in which he claims to have arrived in Batumi.

“This is my Batumi. <…> There was supposed to be my Batumi American Technological University, which was destroyed. Today we would already have a vaccine, and also covid would not kill so many people. I missed this place very much. Today my dream has come true ”, – quotes Saakashvili TASS.

It should be noted that the footage shared by Saakashvili is blurred and it is difficult to determine the location of the former president from them.

The Georgian Interior Ministry told reporters that they have no information about Saakashvili’s presence on Georgian territory.

Earlier, the ex-president wrote on social networks that he intends to arrive in Georgia on a Kiev-Tbilisi flight on the evening of October 2, when the voting in the local elections will be completed.

The Georgian prosecutor’s office accuses Saakashvili under several criminal articles, two of which the former head of state was convicted.

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