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The EU is preparing new sanctions against Moscow and a plan for gas independence

The European Commission will propose measures to diversify the EU’s energy supply to curb energy imports from Russia. This was announced by the chairman of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

She stressed that the Commission is working to protect consumers from rising energy prices. “We need to get rid of our dependence on Russian fossil fuels,” von der Leyen said. She said that tomorrow the proposals will be related to gas supply, as well as the development of infrastructure suitable for hydrogen transportation.

The President of the European Commission called for large-scale investments in renewable energy sources and increased energy efficiency, including through the use of artificial intelligence. According to her, the share of gas and coal in energy consumption in the EU is high, and this will change. “The share of renewable energy sources will increase sharply,” said von der Leyen.

She said the commission was preparing new sanctions against Moscow, while checking “loopholes” in existing European restrictive measures.

Von der Leyen said that the sanctions imposed so far had led to the collapse of the Russian economy.

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