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EU Energy Commissioner: ‘Europe has enough gas to meet winter’

Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has assured that there is enough gas in storage in the EU to meet the winter, and speculation on this topic is not appropriate. He called on the European Union to respond swiftly to support vulnerable households and small businesses.

The European Commission has proposed reforming the gas market by the end of the year. MEPs called on the competent authorities to investigate speculation in the gas market, which led to an unprecedented rise in prices. There were also those who advocated the general purchase of gas for all EU countries, and then the distribution of its consumption within the EU. But this approach did not find widespread support from the states of Old Europe.

DIP P.S. Interestingly, when European experts say that “gas reserves in Europe are at a historically low level”, and the EU Commissioner for Energy claims that “there is enough gas in storage to meet the winter”, then, perhaps, someone is cunning … In short, prepare firewood for the winter … just in case …

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