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Canada is introducing mandatory vaccinations for some workers

Canada will send unvaccinated federal officials on unpaid leave and will require vaccination from COVID for all travelers by plane, train or ship. This was stated yesterday by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, promulgating some of the strictest vaccination rules in the world today, according to Reuters.

On October 29, all federal officials will have to declare on the online portal that they have completed the immunization cycle. People over the age of 12 who use domestic flights, trains and sea transport will have to show that they are fully vaccinated by October 30. This also applies to those employed in the transport sector.

“These transport measures, along with the mandatory vaccination of federal officials, are among the strictest in the world,” Trudeau told reporters. “If you do the right thing and get vaccinated, you deserve the freedom to be safe from COVID-19,” he added.

In Canada, about 300,000 people are in the civil service, plus another 955,000 are employed in government-regulated sectors. This is about 8 percent of all employees in the country.

In Canada, more than 70 percent of the population of 38 million is fully vaccinated.

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