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The best countries for women traveling alone have been revealed

Moneytransfers experts named the best countries for women traveling alone. They noted that women are more likely to travel alone than men – and in their study, they took into account exactly those aspects that concern women, and those traveling alone.

According to their statements, not only indicators such as the average cost of a one-way transport ticket and the average price of a hotel were taken into account, but also the crime index and safety index value, and the results of the gender equality index (GEI) were taken into account.

As a result, the top 10 was as follows.

  1. Croatia, Europe: According to researchers, the country is not only “filled with historic cities and natural beauty”, but also has a large number of hotels to suit every taste. The government also has a low crime rate, making it an incredibly safe place to travel.
  2. New Zealand, Oceania – Not easy to get to, but renowned for its natural beauty, entertainment, and friendly locals, it also has the best gender equality rating, making it a great place for women to visit.
  3. Portugal, Europe – its strengths were the sun, sea, surfing, and low crime rate.
  4. Sweden, Europe – also has a good Gender Equality Index score (27.91), second only to New Zealand.
  5. Japan, Asia – Despite the very specific attitude towards women in the local culture, the country has stunning attractions, and the crime rate here is the lowest in the world.
  6. Is the Netherlands, Europe also one of the popular destinations for women traveling alone? They are attracted by cultural events and low crime rates.
  7. Norway, Europe – fjords, northern lights, and one of the highest safety records make the country popular with tourists.
  8. Spain, Europe – There’s “something for everyone, whether relaxing on the beach in San Sebastian or exploring the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona.” The gender equality index here is also relatively satisfactory.
  9. Australia is also on the list for ranking 5th among all other countries on the Gender Equality Index.
  10. Finland and Europe also have high rates of safety and gender equality, say researchers.

Interestingly, many popular countries among tourists ended up on the contrary, at the bottom of the list. For example, the Dominican Republic made the list because of its small number of entertainment and accommodation options and no emphasis on safety. Malaysia is also on the list of the worst – for the highest crime rate and the lowest gender equality. Mexico and Indonesia also received safety awards, although the researchers made a special reservation about the latter – that we are talking about a country outside the island of Bali.

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