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The 5 most disliked tourists in the world have been named

British marketing company YouGov analyzed to find out which nationalities tourists dislike the most in the world. Experts studied what 26 nationalities think about each other and identified the top 5 among them that people are not happy to see in different parts of the world.

The study found that there is no clear answer, and traveler perceptions vary greatly from country to country. For example, Russian tourists are perceived negatively in Germany, while they are not received with hostility in Jordan, Kuwait, and, perhaps surprisingly, in the United States. However, the British are not popular in most countries of continental Europe, while in other places their perception is neutral. The YouGov study also highlighted that the nationality of tourists is often complicated by stereotypes and prejudices that influence their perception in different countries.

The report identified five nationalities that, according to respondents, are the least attractive tourists:

1. The Chinese are the most numerous tourists worldwide — they were ranked first among the least favorite travelers. They are not often mentioned in light of high-profile incidents and strange behavior abroad. However, there are locations where they are not liked. These are, first of all, the countries of Southeast Asia — Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. In Europe, there are fewer complaints against them than against tourists of other nationalities. Residents of Denmark are more unhappy with Chinese travelers than others.

2. Russians — compared to the Chinese, there are few of them abroad, but they leave a noticeable mark. In Germany and Scandinavian countries, they are often called the worst tourists. 10% of respondents considered Russians among Egypt’s worst tourists.

3. The British are especially unpopular in Germany and Spain. There they are associated with drunken and hooligan behavior. It’s interesting that even in the UK, many people don’t like British tourists.

4. Americans – now they don’t bother residents as much as they used to. They are perceived mostly positively, except for isolated cases of inappropriate behavior.

5. Australians — sometimes stand out for their indecent behavior abroad, especially in Asian countries.

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