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The only visa-free country for Russians in Europe has introduced visas

Northern Macedonia has revoked its previous visa-free travel permit for Russian tourists. Previously, the country had only a formal visa for Russian citizens – every March the country extended the visa-free regime for our tourists.

As a result, a tourist from Russia could enter the country with a minimum set of documents. All that was needed from the tourists was a passport, an invitation or a tourist voucher. This principle was discussed in the 1989 Agreement on Mutual Travel of Citizens. At the moment, according to the website of the country’s Foreign Ministry, the agreement has been canceled.

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It should be added that six Russian carriers still dare to fly abroad – mostly those who are allowed to do so by the existing fleet of “Superjets”, not prone to sanctions. Note that according to Rosaviatsia, there are only 147 such liners in the country, and not all of them operate on foreign flights. However, they still operate 250 flights a week to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, the UAE, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

According to experts, some of the destinations open to Russians – primarily the UAE and Turkey – allow you to go further, in other directions. Tourists are told that among these destinations are countries such as Turkey, Vietnam, UAE, Armenia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Egypt, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Azerbaijan, Cape Verde, Qatar, Peru, Mauritius, Costa Rica. Rica, Brazil.

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