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Egypt has announced new multiple entry visas and prices

The Egyptian authorities made significant changes to the visa policy. According to the official gazette of the Ministry of the Interior of Egypt, on June 18, 2023, the country launched a new multiple-entry visa for foreigners, valid for five years.

Let’s consider what prices the Egyptians set for a multiple-entry visa and the terms of continuous residence in the country.

The Ministry of Interior of Egypt specified that the holders of these visas can stay in Egypt for up to 90 days within one trip. The purpose of the change is to attract a larger amount of hard foreign currency to the country given its severe current deficit in the republic. On the other hand, the new proposal provides additional opportunities for foreigners. The service will be of interest to winter tourists, active travelers, and entrepreneurs who are thinking about long-term opportunities in the country in the north of Africa.

As for the price, the authorities decided to ask $700 from all applicants, regardless of their age and citizenship. But the fees for other types of visas worth $25 and $60, including electronic ones, as well as visas for staying in the country, remain unchanged, the department added.

As a reminder, in March 2023, Egypt simplified visa requirements for tourists from various countries as part of its efforts to develop the tourism sector. There are relaxed requirements for obtaining tourist visas for citizens of China, Iran, India, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, and Israel.

According to data published by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the number of travelers who visited Egypt last year was more than 11.7 million people. This is 46.2% more than in 2021 (8 million people). According to the optimistic local expectations of officials, by the end of 2023, the number of pyramid vacationers in the country will increase by 28%, i.e. will reach the mark of 15 million people.

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