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At once 5 countries closed the entrance to Russian tourists

Closing visas for Russians is “a unique case in recent history.” This is how the experts from the visa centers on the air of BFM commented on the position of five EU member states: Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Belgium. However, according to respondents, the main burden so far will fall on the “long-term” who were admitted to the country – especially travelers with family and educational visas allowed during the “pandemic”. Because for tourist purposes, Europe has not opened for Russians. And when it opens, it is likely that these restrictions for tourists will still be removed. It is noteworthy that Ukraine’s longtime “girlfriend” Georgia refused to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

However, these figures are not small – in the Czech Republic alone in 2020 there were 7.5 thousand students only. And so, according to local expats, the country is home to 30,000 to 40,000 Russians – who are now facing problems – because the Czech Republic intends to cancel visas. However, according to the publication, the Czech Republic’s scandals are not the first time – visa difficulties were announced after the explosion at an ammunition depot in the Czech town of Vrbetica – in which the Russians were accused.

It will be recalled that the Czech Republic has been very intensively involved in anti-Russian tourist sanctions. The country has come a long way – its government has decided to revoke the license of the Russian consulates general in Karlovy Vary and Brno, as well as to close consulates in Russia.

The situation is similar with Latvia. “It is difficult to calculate how many students and businesses may be affected by such a ban,” experts say. In this, some Russian-Latvian citizens are afraid of retaliation – that is, that the Russian Foreign Ministry will respond with similar symmetrical steps and stop issuing visas to Russian citizens of Latvia.

However, hopes for a glimpse of common sense still remain: the European Union has not yet commented on the issue of a visa ban for Russians. It should be noted that the single Eurospace has already split in this sense the issue of “fair tolerances” – Hungary, Greece, Cyprus and some other real and potential members of the European Union have clearly shown that they are not ready to give up Russian tourists and their money. It is likely that in the future the cracks will only expand.

Although the case is unprecedented – said Yuri Pevzner, founder of the visa center “ExpertViz”: “I do not remember such cases in recent history. I think it will be very difficult with visas now. I assume that Schengen will be closed to Russians altogether. They may stop publishing educational and tourist ones, they will probably stop,” he assured.

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