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Germany prepares for war: Fortify basement shelters and store supplies

“In connection with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany has begun to fortify basement shelters and store supplies in case of war,” Welt am Sonntag weekly reported on Saturday, citing Interior Minister Nancy Feiser. The case is described by Reuters.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has led to major changes in German defense policy, with Chancellor Olaf Scholz announcing an increase in military spending and the allocation of the army by 100 billion euros, Reuters emphasizes.

More shelters?

Faezer said the government is also considering improving the public shelter system and increasing spending on civil defense. – There are currently 599 public shelters in Germany. We will check if we can upgrade more such systems,” she added.

Germany is developing new methods to reinforce underground parking lots, metro stations and basements to serve as shelters, and the government has allocated 88 million euros to the Länder to install new alarm sirens. “But when it comes to covering the entire country, we are not even close,” the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs admitted.

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