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Another popular European country has stopped issuing visas to Russian tourists

The Netherlands, a popular country in Europe, has refused to issue visas to Russian tourists. The reaction followed a series of expulsions by Dutch diplomats amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The ban took effect on Wednesday. The relevant statement of the Dutch Foreign Ministry was quoted by local media.

Dutch Ambassador to Russia Hilles Beshoor Pluch said they were forced to suspend visas because all visa staff and many other staff had been sent from the country. “Since the Russian government has decided to send the entire visa department (and not only) of this embassy, ​​we are forced to stop issuing visas. A difficult and sad decision: I am convinced that traveling, learning and understanding the other person’s point of view are important for resolving this crisis, “he wrote in his official Twitter account on Tuesday.

However, the Dutch authorities noted that, despite such a decision, they still plan to issue humanitarian visas and temporary residence permits. Last week, Russia decided to expel employees of the Dutch embassy from Moscow and one employee of the Dutch consulate from St. Petersburg. Plukh said that Russia’s decision to expel Dutch diplomats was a reaction to the Netherlands’ decision to send 17 Russian diplomats from The Hague.

It is estimated that 28 Western countries have expelled about 400 Russian diplomats since the events of February 24 began.

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