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WHO: Mixing different vaccines is a “dangerous trend”

The chief researcher of the World Health Organization advised to avoid mixing vaccines against COVID-19 from different manufacturers, declaring it a “dangerous trend” because there is little data on the impact on human health, according to BNR.

Infectious disease experts are assessing whether people who have a single dose of Johnson & Johnson should receive another dose of Pfizer / Biontech or Modern, which is said to be more effective against the highly contagious version of Delta.

Dr. Sumia Swaminathan, the WHO’s chief researcher, considers it dangerous.

“Here we are without information, without evidence in terms of mixing and compliance. There is limited evidence of drug mixing. In some countries, a chaotic situation will arise if citizens begin to decide when and who will take the second, third and fourth doses. “

Pfizer is urging US and European regulators to allow a third dose in addition to the two-dose regimen.

However, health officials categorically state that there is no medical evidence that this is necessary.

After meeting with the manufacturer Pfizer, US health authorities said that fully vaccinated Americans do not need to take a booster dose.

Meanwhile, the WHO has stated that rich countries should not order additional doses for their vaccinated populations, while other countries have not yet received any vaccines against COVID-19. The organization’s CEO, Tedros Gebreyesus, also said the death toll from coronavirus was rising again, the Delta variant was becoming dominant, and many countries had not yet received sufficient doses of the vaccine to protect their health workers.

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