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Named the most expensive attraction in the world

The most expensive attractions in the world that “squeeze” money out of tourists were determined by SavingSpot research based on tourist reviews on TripAdvisor. It is curious that the three most expensive attractions, according to him, are in the UK, and tourists do not recommend going there due to the greed of their owners.

The list, based on SavingsSpot’s analysis of TripAdvisor reviews, tracks mentions of the word “expensive” about admission fees, parking costs, and food and drink prices by visitors to historical sites, cultural attractions, and theme parks around the world. In general, the list looks like this:

  1. Warner Bros Studios London Tour – The Making of Harry Potter, UK
  2. Legoland Windsor Resort, UK.
  3. London Eye, UK
  4. Burj Khalifa, UAE
  5. The View from the Shard, UK
  6. Universal Studios Florida, USA
  7. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  8. Magic Kingdom Park, USA
  9. Warwick Castle, UK
  10. Empire State Building, USA

As commentators add in the reviews, Harry Potter “fans” who want to visit the first attraction will have to fork out a lot at every turn. Prices for admission start from £53.50 for adults and £43 for children – that’s up to £6k in our money. However, many organized excursions cost significantly more – from 125 feet or more. Souvenirs will cost at least 8 pounds, the famous butterbeer, which tourists called “lemonade with whipped cream in a plastic cup” – 7 pounds, and a set of photographs with prints – from 40 pounds.

A family day at Legoland for two adults and two children, priced at £34 per person, costs £136 plus photos, parking, and lunch, and pre-booking prices for rides on the capital’s famous London Eye are starting now. Priced at £25.50 per adult.

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