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Record heat in Turkey: almost 50-degree heat hit the east

In recent days, eastern Turkey has been hit by heat of almost 50 degrees. The hottest was yesterday in Jizre, Shernak district, where thermometers showed 49.1 degrees, according to Turkish private television NTV.

This is the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. With its help, Jizre broke his own record, which today was 0.1 degrees below yesterday’s value.

Across Eastern Anatolia, temperatures are above average for the season. In many other parts of the country it is hot, and the feeling of air temperature even exceeds the readings shown by thermometers, according to BTA.

Today, meteorologists predict a cooling in the Marmara region and Aegean Turkey, where temperatures are expected to drop by 10 degrees. In Istanbul, daytime temperatures are expected to be 24-25 degrees Celsius. However, in the area of ​​the east coast of the Black Sea rains can be heavy, warn forecasters and call for vigilance.

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