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You didn’t know this for sure: Unexpected things that you can’t take abroad

Surely every traveler knows what things cannot be carried in luggage. But when crossing borders with some countries, even inveterate tourists sometimes have to be surprised, because at the time of inspection problems may arise due to seemingly completely unexpected items in the suitcase. Read about them in the material “DIP”.

New Zealand: toys on wheels and musical instruments

Children’s cars, balance bikes, or bicycles can easily be confiscated by customs officers when crossing the border. The fact is that in New Zealand (and in Australia) they are very careful about the protection of the local flora. And on the wheels of toys or bicycles, there may be particles of soil from other countries in which “alien” microorganisms remain.

As for musical instruments, they are forbidden to be imported into the country so as not to compete with local manufacturers. True, a tourist will still be allowed to bring his guitar, for example. But the tool will need to be taken back.

Africa: plastic bags

On the territory of most African states, the manufacture of plastic bags is prohibited, since these products decompose for hundreds of years, causing damage to nature. Taking care of the preservation of flora and fauna, the inhabitants of Africa do not allow the importation of plastic bags by tourists into the territory of the states.

Perfumes in Madagascar

Vanilla production is well established in Madagascar and a huge number of factories are located that makes perfume oil from it. In order not to create competition for local manufacturers, it was decided to impose a ban on the import of any perfumes into the island.

Singapore: gum

Chewing gum is strictly prohibited in Singapore. Its import into the country to fight for purity is prohibited at the legislative level. Attempting to circumvent the rules can result in a very large fine.

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