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Wildfire in Hawaii: tourist paradise destroyed

It is reported that in Hawaii, the death toll has increased as a result of large-scale wildfires that have engulfed one of the largest islands – Maui, a popular tourist destination.

Authorities confirmed that the death toll has reached 36 people, and many more people have received various injuries. Some of the victims are in critical condition. Due to the natural disaster, about 11 thousand people were forced to evacuate. The vast majority of 15 thousand people were left without power.

Due to the risk of fire in some parts of the island of Maui, many roads had to be temporarily closed. These measures were taken by the authorities to prevent the fire from approaching residential buildings.

People who found themselves in a state of panic rushed into the ocean in an attempt to escape from the fire. The consequences of the fire were devastating: dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed. In addition, a historic city named Lahaina was also affected by the fire.

According to preliminary data, the outbreak arose due to extreme heat and prolonged drought. The fire quickly spread due to strong winds and Hurricane Dora, which is located over the Pacific Ocean.

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