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Welcome to hell: in Egypt, the temperature is breaking records

Egyptian meteorologists promised very hot weather to tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh. According to their statements, the temperature is breaking records, and the high humidity adds to the feeling of heat by an additional 2-3 degrees. Salvation for tourists can be the promised strong wind, which cools this hell a little – the truth is that it will raise big waves on the sea.

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In Sharm el-Sheikh, the temperature will rise to +40 by Friday – and it will not decrease much all next week, staying at the level of +38-39 degrees. Although variable cloudiness is promised next week, which will slightly reduce the extremely high level of solar activity. However, tourists are still advised to use sunscreen for maximum protection.

In Hurghada, the heat is slightly lower – +34-35 degrees on average. Most hotels have opened the sea for tourists. The water is heated to +28 degrees.

However, it is worth warning that meteorologists also announced strong winds and, therefore, disturbances at sea. They promise waves up to 2 meters high and a northwesterly wind that will cool the tourists down a bit.

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