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Turkish Marmaris and Izmir hit by floods

Heavy rains hit the Turkish cities of Marmaris and Izmir, as a result of which roads were flooded, trees were uprooted, and cars and houses were damaged.

Last night, 53 mm of precipitation fell in Izmir – more than a third of the January norm, in the vicinity of up to 97 mm of precipitation.

The water in the Aegean Sea turned brown after mudflows brought soil and stones from the mountains.

Off the coast of Marmaris, the wave height reaches several meters.

In Izmir, the first floors of houses were flooded, the roadway was damaged, and in some places cars, including those belonging to the police, fell into the pits formed as a result of soil erosion. The historical market in the city is flooded.

At the same time, it is dry in Istanbul, and an abnormal decrease in water levels is observed in Istanbul reservoirs.

December 2022 was the warmest in Turkey in 52 years of meteorological observations. Record temperatures are also expected in January.

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