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Turkey was covered with snow, hit by hail, and flooded with downpours

According to Turkish media, the resort province of Antalya was also covered with snow, hit by hail, and flooded with downpours. Snow, however, was mainly in the highlands of the Antalya region, although some were not so lucky.

Thus, in the area of the popular resort of Kemer, “due to a sudden drop in air temperature,” snow covered the top of Mount Takhtali, whose height is 2 thousand 365 meters. The largest cable car in Europe leads to the top of the mountain, and at the popular observation deck, brave tourists could see a “short-term snowfall” that lasted about 15 minutes but covered the entire mountain. The temperature dropped to zero degrees.

There was mostly no snow on the coast, but the weekend holidays of tourists in almost all Antalya resorts were spoiled by sudden rain. The “surprise” ruined the weekend for many, they say in the Turkish press, but it is obvious that we are talking about local tourists who were planning Antalya for the weekend. The foreigners tried not to let the weather spoil their mood, swam in the pools, and assured that it was very pleasant to swim in the rain.

The Serik region received the most unpleasant surprise. There the rain was accompanied by “volleys” of hail, quite large and strong. According to eyewitnesses who filmed the bad weather on their smartphones, in just a couple of minutes, the whole city turned white. This weather in hot Antalya, where summer days have already set in, greatly surprised locals and tourists.

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