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Turkey announced an orange level of danger in the tourist provinces: Antalya with all the tourists was flooded

Turkey announced an orange level of danger in the tourist provinces – Antalya with all the tourists covered: in fact, the resort was flooded by the rain. To save people and other infrastructure in Turkey, a crisis center was urgently created to deal with the consequences of natural disasters. 28 provinces were included in the orange level list, including all the central tourist provinces, including Istanbul.

As reported by the State Meteorological Service of Turkey, having issued “yellow” and “orange” warnings, showers and thunderstorms will affect the regions of the Sea of Marmara, the Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. In Antalya, two districts have already been flooded due to heavy rains. The city of Kumludzha, located in the province, was seriously affected. The City Hall declares flooding on the first floors of houses and hotels. Flooding also prevents utility vehicles from passing through, which have to deal with pumping out water.

“We have created a crisis center to resolve the situation,” Kumluj Mayor Mustafa Koleoglu told local media. Tourists are advised to be careful and if possible not to leave their residence. This applies not only to Antalya. Istanbul and the tourist provinces of Izmir and Mugla were also included in the “orange” list. The orange level is declared in case of a dangerous weather situation.

According to the weather forecast, the rains in Antalya will not stop until Saturday. The temperature will remain at 17-18 degrees, but rain is promised every day. The sun will appear only by Saturday – tourists are promised changeable clouds and +20 degrees for the weekend. Good weather will please you until Wednesday – showers are forecast later.

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