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Turkey and Greece have not divided the sea: lawsuits are beginning

The scandal between Turkey and Greece against the background of the EU approval of the trademark “Turkaegean” (meaning something like the Turkish Aegean Sea) is gaining momentum.

Greece has been outraged by the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) approval of the use of Turkaegean as a trademark in Turkey’s Aegean tourism campaigns. the sea in its way.

The scandal arose when Turkey launched the “Coast of Happiness of Turkey” campaign. Under the decision, Turkey will be able to use the term “Turkaegean” in all advertising campaigns and other areas, including television, radio, online, and tourism. In addition, Turkey will be able to use this name until July 16, 2031.

Former Foreign Minister Georgios Katrugalos said on Twitter that the EU’s decision was “unacceptable”, especially during Turkey’s ongoing aggression against Greece. Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias also said the Greek government would sue for proceedings and decisions.

Greek government spokesman Yannis Economou added that Greece would take legal action, adding that the trademark was “not approved” by the EU, but only by the agency that guarantees industrial property, trademarks, and more.

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