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Tourists will fly like herrings in a barrel: plans to create two-story economy classes on planes have been revealed

Another version of how to “cram” as many tourists as possible into the limited volume of the plane was presented at the annual Crystal Cabin Awards, which demonstrates the latest innovations in aviation. Spanish designers from the company Taller De Arquitectura T36 “spread” passengers according to the principle “like herrings in a barrel” – in three sections of a two-story economy class. And I must say, this project won an award this year.

According to this project, the interior of the liner will be divided into two floors and three sections, two of which will be below and one above them. At the same time, a row of four seats are provided in each section – two seats by the window and two by the aisle. As a result, there are six rows of passengers, four of them in the lower and two in the upper tier. However, only two rows will get seats at real portholes – on the left and right on the “first” floor, the rest of the designers offer “virtual reality”.

Also, judging by the presented picture, places for hand luggage will be only above the same rows, if they are there at all. And it seems that passengers will be able to straighten up to their full height only in the aisle between the seats.

The model — we can say, fortunately, is still virtual, and may remain in memory as a kind of “aviation curiosity”, similar to the plans of one low-cost airline, which were once scandalized, for “standing seats” for passengers. However, the trend itself – and the first prize for the project – is impressive.

At the same time, we note that no one plans to ram business passengers. At the same award, Adient and Boeing Encore Interiors presented a new design for business class passengers with a fold-out bed, minibar, library, and space for meeting friends and family.

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